Correction of anterior protrusion with dental implants

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Patient came to me with the chief complaint of his upper anterior teeth protrusion and spacing. Orthodontic treatment was recommended but he rejected it due to his time constraint. Pictures show anterior protrusion, open bite and spacing


dental%2Bx ray%2Bimplant 

Extraction of his upper incisors and placement of 2 dental implants was proposed as an option for orthodontic treatment.  


Implants were immediately placed at the lateral incisor positions after 4 upper incisors extraction. The pre-maxillary bone was shaped to reduce the jaw protrusion.  


dental%2Bimplant%2Bx ray

 Picture taken 3 months after the surgery. Notice the reduction of premaxillary area. Implants healed uneventfully. 


The LAVA Zirconia bridge was inserted.

 Anterior%2Bbridge%2Bclinic%2Bpattaya dental%2Bimplant%2Bby%2Bpattaya%2Bdentist%2Bclinic%2B001

 Pictures show improvement of anterior teeth proclination and the increase of incisal length. The anterior protrusion was improved by 9 mm.   


 Lateral profile shows normal inclination of the upper incisors and the incisal edges are in an optimal position. 



Picture of the happy patient