Treatment Menu for Full Arched Fixed Dental Implant Restorations

Full mouth dental implant pattaya

The task of rehabilitating a patient’s entire arch with dental implants is challenging and is multidisciplinary. The surgical part of it may involve soft- and hard-tissue grafting. The restorative part is technically complicated. There are several options in full arched fixed dental implant restorations that patients who are seeking for such treatment should know.

1. Porcelain Fused to metal Implant Prosthesis:


A Custom designed metal alloy framework is casted from a wax pattern.  Porcelain is custom baked to the framework to provide excellent esthetics and hygiene access.  There is good resistance to wear.  This is a superior restoration for a full upper arch or partial segment and has a long track record for  success.

2. Casting Framework Supported Acrylic Prosthesis: 


A custom designed wax pattern is casted into a frame for optimal strength and hygiene access for an acrylic tooth prosthesis.  This is the ideal replacement for a full lower arch.

3. Milled Titanium Framework Supported Acrylic Prosthesis: 


A custom computer milled framework of titanium is used to provide optimal strength and hygiene access for an acrylic tooth prosthesis.  This prosthesis is generally recommended for the lower jaw.

4. CAD/CAM Titanium frame work+ Individual ceramic crowns:


A solid titanium infrastructure uniquely designed to receive individual esthetically customized zirconium core ceramic crowns. This restoration is the most technologically and esthetically advanced form of fixed prosthodontic full arch rehabilitation and is the epitome of biomedical engineering using CAD/CAM technology to provide patients with precision implant-supported functional replication of the natural dentition.

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