Pattaya’s Leading Dental Implant Center

We are the sole Osstem implant research center in eastern region of Thailand.

The Dental Design Center – a premier dental clinic in Pattaya, Thailand – has been at the forefront of dental implant technologies, developments, and innovation.

DDC is also an official associate partner of Osstem dental implants, one of the most established systems. Osstem Implant is a popular brand in the field of dental implants, known for its quality and reliability.

The strength of The Dental Design Center as a top dental implant center lies in its highly certified and experienced team of implantologists and implant prosthodontists. Our implant prosthodontist has over 10 years of experience, and our group of implant specialists are verified and granted the scope privileges for implant treatment.

Pattaya’s Top Dental Implant Provider

The dentist we would like to introduce to you is Dr. Ken Dr. Kasidis, who is a Diplomate and Fellow of the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. He has extensive experience in dental implants and prosthodontics, having placed and restored over 10,000 implants using more than 20 implant systems since 2003.

Dr. Ken is a highly acclaimed implantologist in Thailand, specializing in dental implant and cosmetic dentistry.       He has gained recognition not only for his expertise in the field but also for his local and international reputation.    Dr. Ken is not only widely acknowledged in dental professional communities but is also cherished by a large number of patients. People from all around the world travel to Pattaya to seek treatment from him. His clinic provides advanced dental procedures and  up-to-date digital dental equipment. These can ensure that patients feel safe and confident in their treatments. Dr. Ken is a board committee of Thai Association of Dental Implantology(TADI) and was recently appointed the director of TADI implantology course.

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Meet the Skilled Team of Dentists at The Dental Design Center in Pattaya
At The Dental Design Center, we are proud to have a team of highly qualified and experienced dentists who are dedicated to providing exceptional dental care to our patients. Our dentists are certified by reputable institutions in Australia, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, and have a wealth of knowledge and expertise in a variety of dental specialties.