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Why Choose Us?

We Know it can be difficult selecting the right dentist, especially finding a team of clinicians who care for you and your loved ones. At Dental Design Center, we have a diverse team of dentists and dental specialists who can look after your dental needs individually. You will be treated with special clinical interest, whether it be dental implants, cosmetic dentistry, root canal treament, gum treatment, or braces. It is comforting to know that our clinicians have necessary expertise to address any dental concerns that you and your family may have conveniently all in one location.

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What distinguishes us from others does not limit to the above mentioned individual care, Dental Design Center does not limit its sense of enthusiastic with dental cares. It is fully equipped with state of the art technologies such as digital x-ray and professional staffs and plenty entertainments. With us, you are seated snugly in comfy massage chair with aroma or music therapy while having your teeth whitened. Otherwise enjoy your favorite movies or shows with our mounted-in-ceiling- television. Lively and brightly decorated, Dental Design Center gives you a sense of delighted yet comfort concurrently. Your business and personal matters stay updated with our wifi internet all over the clinic.

Reason for Choosing us

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Comprehensive Initial Assessment

To THOROUGHLY understand your situation and needs
To recommend the IDEAL TREATMENT PLAN for you
We may spend up to an hour planning out your initial dental assessment, in which we carry out:

Digital photography of your face and smile. Photographs are not only appreciated in their art forms, especially at OrthoSmile. They are greatly acknowledged as our dental treatment planning tools for orthodontic (braces) and complex cosmetic/aesthetic restorative cases. The power of photography provides us with excellent result recording, which lead to excellent treatments, confirming the quality of our work. Therefore, we dedicated our office space to facial and portrait photography. Details can be found in Our Portrait Studio
Digital X-rays. We will take necessary X-rays to assess the health of your teeth and surrounding bone. We want to provide a healthy foundation and take NO CHANCES of missing any underlying problems. Special scanning X-ray and close up small X-rays of individual teeth will be taken, if necessary.

Study Models. These are replica moulds of your teeth which help us assess the shape of your teeth and your bite. They will also help us formulate a concise and accurate treatment plan.
Bite Assessment. We assess the precision of how your teeth meet. If you have a comfortable bite, there will be harmony and your restorations will last longer.

Smile Analysis. We use a comprehensive, detailed checklist to compare your smile to an ideal one. By doing this, we are very clear as to what changes are necessary for younger and better look of your mouth!

Together, you are assured of the most comprehensive dental assessment available. Our thorough approach from the first visit is our signature service and total commitment to your oral health.