Gum Lifting and Contouring

Gum lifting and contouring, also referred to as crown lengthening, is a cosmetic dental procedure designed to enhance the appearance of the teeth. It is commonly used in cases where individuals have a condition known as “gummy smile.” This occurs when the gums cover a significant portion of the teeth, making them appear shorter than desired.

During gum lifting and contouring, the excess gum tissue is carefully removed or reshaped to create a more proportionate and visually appealing gum line. By exposing more of the tooth surface, the procedure helps to achieve the desired balance between the gums and teeth, resulting in an improved smile.

Gum lifting and contouring can provide significant aesthetic benefits, including the appearance of longer and more proportionate teeth. It can help create a more harmonious smile and boost self-confidence. It is important to consult with a qualified dentist to determine if gum lifting and contouring is appropriate for your specific dental concerns and goals.

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Gummy smile: Before and after treatment

Gum lifting and contouring offers a convenient and comfortable solution for addressing the issue of a gummy smile. Traditionally, this procedure involves using a scalpel, although laser devices are also utilized in some cases. The excess gum tissue that covers the teeth is carefully removed or reshaped using the scalpel or laser.

By undergoing this dental cosmetic procedure, patients can enjoy the benefits of longer, more youthful-looking teeth. It can also correct the appearance of crooked teeth caused by an uneven gum line, ultimately improving the aesthetics of your smile and boosting your self-confidence.

Gum lifting and contouring is a straightforward and painless treatment that can be performed by our experienced cosmetic dentist and periodontist at the Dental Design Center. We will guide you in determining whether gum lifting and contouring is the right option to achieve your desired results.

When to have Gum lifting and contouring

Gum lifting and contouring, also known as crown lengthening, is typically recommended in specific situations to address cosmetic concerns or functional issues related to the gums.The decision to undergo gum lifting and contouring is made on an individual basis. It is best to consult with a cosmetic dentist or periodontist who can evaluate your specific dental condition and discuss whether this procedure is suitable for you.

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