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Pattaya , Thailand is growing as Asia’s next medical hub for its high standards and medical advancements. Doctors and surgeons undergo rigorous training at established medical institutions with continuous developments on their knowledge and skills.

The Dental Design Clinic Pattaya Excellence in Dentistry

Pattaya International Dental Center is a dedicated center specializing in the field of dentistry. DDC has control checks set to ensure international and high sterilizations standards are metOur dental specialists and dentists are a selected group of qualified and skilled individuals chosen to treat our patients in their specific field of expertise.

The Dental Design Clinic Pattaya Service and Process Setup for International Patients Accommodations and hotels nearby DDC

Travel Information into Thailand

  • DDC follows international quality for our treatments
  • Strict dental sterilization, infection prevention and controls for patient – safety is taken at the heart of our operations.
  • Treatment fees are standardized.
  • Our dentists and frontline staff speaks fluent English.
  • We have a dedicate digital dental for faster prosthetic teeth work delivery and treatments without queue time.

Prior to planning your trip into Pataya , Thailand for dental treatment, you may need to pre-plan .

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For foreign visitors travelling into Pattaya City for their dental treatments, DDC accommodates and facilitates your dental trip to be a smooth flowing one. With certain treatments, patients may opt to take vacations while having their treatments done.

  • Special rates with hotels near The Dental Design Clinic Pattaya catering to our patients
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